May 26 Fri

Laura and Sean’s Movie and Music Trivia

May 27 Sat

Trivia Mafia presents – 331 Drinkin’ Spelling Bee
7pm – tickets

Hey, That’s My JAM
Dance Party!!!
Hey There Handsome vs. Slow Moe

May 28 Sun

AKA Sunday presents:
David Golusky

May 29 Mon

Doug Otto and friends

May 30 Tue

T.E.E. – Tuesday, Early Evening.

331 Club and Fair State Brewing Cooperative present

May Conspiracy Series featuring:
Niki Becker
4th Curtis


331club’s Menu prepared by
The Sheridan Room

Tacos – $3 a la carte or 2 for $5

Chipotle Chicken (jalepeno, lime garlic and chipotle flavors) with slaw and cilantro

Ground Beef (bell pepper, jalapeno and orange) served with sales, sour cream, slaw and cilantro

Black Beans (bell pepper, lime) with house mane chimichurri and slaw

Fried chips and house made salsa … $3

Quesadilla … $6

add meat or beans $7.50… dos amigos $9 (your choice of two:chicken, beef or black beans)…tres amigos $10 (all three protiens)

Happy Hour
Mon-Sat 12pm-6pm

$3 Surly Pints

$3 Summit Pints

$3 Brewery of the Month Pints